We’re a passionate about beautiful healthy hair and the trendiest braiding styles!

Kiasha Moore has solidified herself as one of the Top Hair Braiders and Celebrity Stylist in the Central Valley and in Northern California. With over 30 years of experience, Kiasha has created an effective knowledge base that causes younger inexperienced braiders to often look to her for guidance and mentorship.

As a successful entrepreneur, Mrs. Moore opened Cali Braids which is the name of her a braiding shop. Cali Braids is located in Stockton CA. Her unique braiding styles, creative vision, and ability to pay close attention to details, has set her apart from the average stylist.

Mrs. Moore has traveled all throughout the United States attending hair conferences, participating in show competitions and providing seminars for an upcoming young stylist. For demonstrations and seminars, Kiasha is often asked to make special trips to neighboring cities such as Las Vegas, Sacramento, Arizona, Lod, Mississippi and Oakland CA. 

In 2015 Mrs. Moore created a special hair cream that has been on the black market selling across the US from the Bay Area to Memphis Tennessee. As a mother, Mrs. Moore is a perfect example of how to balance home, life, and career. She actively participates with her child’s school, extracurricular activities, travel trips, and family time.

Her passion to help the youth is not only evident with her children but also with others as well. Kiasha’s company “Cali Braids” often donates, time, resources, and scholarships to the Urban Heat Academy program designed to inspire young inter-city youth to further their education; whereas She herself has a daughter in college that she encourages, pushes and supports.

Kiasha believes that she can do all things through Christ which strengthens her. She is passionate about hair treatment and helping others look and feel their best. Truly, the hair industry along with community leaders as well as her personal clients appreciates the work that she does and the passion that she possesses.

Kiasha feels she must always work to improve her craft and believes in perfection.

One of her favorite Quotes is…. “God is not through with me yet.”

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